IT Security Audit FAQ

How does an IT Security audit work?

The process for the audit is relatively straightforward. We meet in-person or virtually, depending on your location and preference. At the meeting we review our list of detailed questions, similar to an external or internal compliance audit. We record each response in detail and later draft a report out of the findings. You can expect this initial meeting to last between 1-3 hours.

Who should be present at the audit meeting?

All stakeholders who have knoweldge of your company’s network, data and staff should be present if possible. This ensures that we gather quality data (the correct answers) so the audit report reflects honesty and accuracy.

What type of deliverable do I receive?

After our intial meeting, we draft a detailed “appraisal” report for each item related to your security posture. This includes our findings and tangeable suggestions as well as a per-item risk score. This final report also includes a global risk score for your company.

Is the audit safe and confidential?

Absolutely. The audit is conducted without active penetration testing so it won’t affect your network or data in any way. No access is needed other than our detailed interview and data gathering meeting.

All information is completely confidential. We never, under any circumstances, divulge our customer list to anyone, including other customers. We do not use your company for the benefit of sales or marketing in any way. Our findings, and the audit itself, are only known by our two firms alone.

Do you sell IT services related to the audit findings?

Absoutely not. In order to remain impartial, and for you to trust in our unbiased suggestions, it is impossible for us to sell any additional IT services that relate to the audit.

Once we provide you with our findings and action items, you can follow up with your own internal or external IT team to implement any changes. We can continue to offer advice throughout that process if needed.

Will you criticize or alienate our current IT team or consultant?

Absoutely not. Your IT team is doing a great job of balancing the extreme requirements demanded of them with a limited budget and lack of time. At no point are our findings a reflection of their work.

Our audit report will assist them in having an actionable list that you both review for execution. In many cases, they might have had similar suggestions in the past. Overall, the audit assists your IT team in justifying initiatives aimed at securing your company, protecting their jobs and even finding more billable services for themselves.

Do you outsource any work?

No. Security audits are sensitive and we believe them to be a personal interaction between both our companies. All work, from the initial meeting to the final audit report, is performed by our local staff located in Long Island, NY. This leads to a lasting relationship based on trust and a professional experience overall.

Website/Web & Mobile Application Development FAQ

Do you create industry-standard, modern websites?

Yes! Net Impulse offers affordable feature-rich website packages. We also support the websites we build with a range of fully managed hosting plans that include configuration, backups, audio/video, MLS integration and content maintenance.

We can design the site or even work with one of your graphic artists to get it exactly how you envisioned.

Can you create a custom web or mobile app based on my company's requirements?

Absolutely. It is important to optimize processes for your company and off-the-shelf products often fall short. In those situations, we can design and code apps that take your efficiencies to the next level.

What type of custom apps do you offer?

We utilize the latest web frameworks and technologies such as Angular, React and more to ensure a fast, modern experience for application users right in their browsers.

For mobile, we can develop native apps for both iOS and Android devices.

How long does the process take?

Typically, standard websites are completed in 3-4 weeks, sometimes sooner in urgent cases.

For custom web and mobile applications, it depends on the scope and complexity of the app. You can expect 6-8 months for coding and testing based on our experience.

Do you outsource work to other countries?

No. This is what often sets us apart. All websites and custom web and mobile apps are built on Long Island, NY, resulting in quick turnaround, attention to detail, solid communication and professional results.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. Long-term contracts make business owners feel even more uncomfortable with technology and cause unnecessary anxiety for individuals tasked with choosing a technology solution.

Due to the quality of our website packages and software, and the personal service related to our hosting plans, we only offer month-to-month terms. If at any time, you no longer feel that we are benefiting your company, just let us know. Our main objective is to assist you with growing your business, making both our companies more profitable along the way.


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