Technology Security Audits/Appraisals

Long Island Information Technology Security Audits Appraisals

Let’s face it – your IT team does a great job and is swamped with just keeping pace with technology changes, a limited budget, and your employees’ demands.

Our unbiased, impartial and detailed audit report will give you and your IT team direct action items to start closing technology security vulnerabilities immediately so you can protect your company’s reputation and data.

Get ahead of insurance company requirements and external compliance audits – be ready for them as we perform this proactive analysis together first.

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Feature Packed Websites & Custom Apps

Long Island Custom Web and Mobile Applications

Our turnkey services include everything from domain name registration to the publishing and hosting of your website. Our mobile responsive sites include the latest features that your customers demand.

Need a custom web or mobile application to turn your concept of innovation and efficiency into reality? Are off-the-shelf solutions falling short? Let us develop modern software for your business, on today's latest platforms, that is easy to use and captures your business requirements.

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A Partnership Done Right . . . Here

Long Island New York

At Net Impulse, we understand that assessing your security posture and developing custom software are difficult tasks for business owners. That's why we've designed our services to be comprehensive, taking some of your company's most important projects off of your plate. And, with no outsourcing, all security audits and website/application development are done right here on Long Island, NY.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Net Impulse, Inc.

Many IT specialists either charge exorbitant amounts of money and take months to complete projects (if they complete them at all), or are cheap, unrefined, impersonal factories located thousands of miles from your office. At Net Impulse, we're different; we successfully strike the balance between budget, schedule, and personal service right in your own neighborhood.

Also, unlike many generic firms, we are truly experts in the specific technology related to the services we offer. We employ Microsoft and Cisco certified engineers, Certified Ethical Hackers, and Masters level IT Executives. As a result, and as part of your project, you'll get expert technical advice instead of sales pitches, ensuring a strong return on investment for your small business and a lasting relationship.

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© Net Impulse Technology, LLC. is a Long Island, New York Information Technology (IT) company dedicated to resolving your technology challenges. We offer detailed Security Audit reports to identify current vulnerabilities in your company and outline tangible steps you can take to protect your business. We also offer Web & Mobile Application design and construction with complete project management.
We proudly serve New York - Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk counties - and the rest of the nation from our Centerport, NY location.